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Good Birth


Birth preparation with a difference

Learn how to....

Work with your body to achieve a calm, comfortable birth 

Release fear, tension and pain for an easier labour

Increase your knowledge and awareness to put you in control

Deep relaxation to help your body give birth comfortably and well

Massage techniques to release endorphins - your body's natural pain relief

Simple and effective techniques to keep you grounded, serene, positive

Classes either in person or live online via zoom


Birth Preparation & Support

Informative and Confidence Boosting 

Family with expectant mum

Antenatal Education 

Giving the control back to you. 

Pregnant mother

KG Hypnobirthing Techniques 

Deep Relaxation and Skill Set

Calm, confident pregnancy

Why I’m a Birth Coach


I have two lovely children of my own – one born by Caesarian and one naturally.  In between the two I trained as an NCT antenatal teacher but over the seven years I taught there was always a niggling feeling that great though the classes were there was something missing.  

When my daughter‘s first child was born by caesarian after a long and uneasy labour I wanted her to have a better experience next time round.  Discovering hypnobirthing was the missing link which enabled me to help her let go of the fears and anxieties of the first birth and use the hypnobirthing techniques she had learned to achieve the birth she wanted.

I love the way Hypnobirthing helps you get in touch with that deep instinctive part of you that “knows” how to birth your baby so that by listening to your body you can help it to work as well as it can.  And the amazing thing is that when you can do this, bringing your baby into the world becomes the lovely experience it can and should be – even when your body needs a little help.

A Bit About the Classes

Childbirth hurts - right? 

Most people expect giving birth to be painful. We grow up with this idea and it's re-inforced every day in conversation, in what we see on TV, in films and what we read.  Even midwives and obstetricians expect it to be painful. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy! 

Find out why and how you can change this.....

Change the way you think about birth and feel the difference.

Knowledge is power!

Learn how your body gives birth.

What helps when giving birth and why.

How to work with midwives and doctors.

Where is the best place for me to give birth?

What to do when things don't go to plan.

Increased knowledge and awareness put you in control

What makes these classes special?

Changing the way you think about giving birth takes more than just knowing what to do and what a positive experience it can be.  These classes are designed to help you release the deeply held negative ideas about labour and the fears that often accompany them. Learn how to let go of these ideas and replace them with a confident, positive outlook.

Changing deeply held ideas can help your body give birth more easily - find out why.


Some really simple and effective techniques to help your body work as well as possible and release your body's own natural pain killers.​ A lot of what you learn is really useful in other parts of your life too and helps you manage life after birth - what a bargain!


Too often partners find themselves feeling helpless and redundant or even afraid during labour. Classes and books sometimes tell partners what they can do but then leave them to sink or swim - these classes also show you how, give you confidence to do it and help you both explore together what works for you.

You can do these classes on your own or with a partner - it's the same cost.

So what's this hypno stuff?

Firstly, we just want to reassure you that we can't make you do anything you don't want to do.  It's just very deep relaxation - the same as when you are dozing off to sleep or just waking up.  A handy thing to learn how to do at other times - wouldn't you say?  


I can help you to use this very relaxed state to:

  • release negative ideas, anxieties and fears

  • increase your confidence

  • help your body give birth more easily and smoothly 

  • stay calm in difficult situations (handy after birth too!)

What I can't do is make you do anything you don't want to do!

Such as run round pretending to be a chicken - the stuff you see in stage hypnosis shows.

This is about teaching you how to relax deeply and use that deep relaxation to reset your ideas, replace anxiety with confidence and generally put you in touch with that deep instinctive place which knows how to give birth - or if you're not the pregnant one - how to look after and support your partner during the birth.


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