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A Bit About Me

Why I believe in this style of birthing

My journey started with the birth of my first child which ended in a caesarian delivery.  From thinking that no woman in their right mind would ever put them selves through pregnancy and birth I learned that this very natural process can be so much better than we think. 


I trained and taught as an National Childbirth Trust teacher – great training, great course, lots of information, during which I had my second child without problems.  But I always felt there was something missing – just couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was.  Time passed and I trained as a homeopath, did a lot of work with women who were pregnant and was at a number of births. 


It was when my daughter’s first pregnancy ended with a long and uneasy labour and  caesarian delivery that I started to think again.  Having already also trained as a hypnotherapist I explored hypnobirthing and realized that here was the missing link.  By the time she was pregnant with her second child I was teaching KG Hypnobirthing classes so was able to help her achieve the birth she wanted.


I love helping women to let go of all those fairly dire messages about birthing which we all pick up from other women, from books, magazines, film and TV, even often from our own mothers.  I get real satisfaction from helping women to get in touch with their body's natural ability to give birth. 


By learning how to relax and respond to what you already know at a deep instinctive level you can often have the kind of birth they never dreamed was possible.  And even when our bodies need some assistance the techniques are still really helpful to make it the best birth possible for you. 

Mother and baby in autumn
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